Quick question for ya'll! My so's bday is next month and I kinda wanna do something special with all his letters he received from boot. However, the majority of them are either double sided letters or multiple paged letters (hehehe...oops) so in terms of scrapbooking them, I'm kinda at a loss at how to organize/display them. Any ideas?



Aw that would be so cute! What you could do instead of scrapbooking them (even though I understand wanting to use the originals)… you could scan both sides if they’re double sided/scan all the other letters (make sure you know what pages goes together after its downloaded to your computer) and then make a book of them on shutterfly or something cute like that! Then he has a sleek organized yet sentimental gift from you!

I think that would be really sweet :)

-Haley :)

That would be great! I’d definitely have to weigh the costs though. There’s 75ish letters from me alone so I dunno how that’ll affect the costs. Thanks for the idea! I’ll look into it. :)

I have my letters in a small binder in those cellophane sleeves used for presentations, so you can read both sides. You can decorate the outside with pictures of you and your SO to make it more personal!